Tomorrow's Devices Today Using Optical Extension:
Petersen Advanced Lithography

Petersen Advanced Lithography, Inc. (PAL) provides the semiconductor industry with products and services that leverage layout, mask, exposure tool and resist imaging processes to produce an Integrated Imaging System (IIS) designed to attain the highest possible lithography resolution in a production environment. The IIS is developed to provide the least expensive sub wavelength imaging process in the shortest amount of time, using the client's current toolset whenever feasible.

Here we'd like to highlight a key product - ProLE™, or the PROgrammable Lithography Engine. ProLE is a system and service that leverages PAL's litho expertise, on-site apps support, highly distributed computing, and the best lithography simulation software like PROLITH™. This gives you accurate design-for-yield (DFY) ANSWERS - orders of magnitude quicker than otherwise possible. ProLE-Limited Edition is an introductory product - a single workstation version of the software to enhance your existing PROLITH investment and give you a glimpse of ProLE's capability.

In addition, PAL's customized mask design, OPC validation and design, and contract research services can supplement your company's current optical extension efforts.

Finally, PAL's comprehensive training classes teach the skills needed to improve conventional and advanced optical imaging processes.

PAL is here when you want to

  • establish in-house the power of supercomputer simulation at a fraction of supercomputer price (ProLE™)
  • validate or create OPC designs with the best optical and resist models, tuned to your process
  • automate your simulation capability (ProLE™ for PROLITH™) or custom PPI programming)
  • make a next generation device before conventional imaging options exist
  • coordinate current resources to extend optical resolution
  • build technical expertise within your organization
  • access PAL's network of lithography leaders across the world in photomasks, simulation software, process, equipment, and materials

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