ProLE-LE™ = Programmable Lithography Engine-Limited Edition

We are excited to announce that Petersen Advanced Lithography (PAL) now offers tools to help you increase your productivity, in addition to our consulting services. Our work with customers has shown the need for a tool like "ProLE-Limited Edition."

What is it?
ProLE-LE™ is the Programmable Lithography Engine "LIMITED EDITION" - the single workstation version of the ProLE grid-computing-based workbench software. This provides you with efficient batching of PROLITH™ simulations as well as new PAL applications to complement and enhance your PROLITH investment.

PAL has developed the ProLE-LE software product so you can set up batched PROLITH simulations much more quickly and easily than before. You'll be able to conveniently create and run PROLITH simulation scripts similar to ProBATCH scripts - but you won't have to remember any ProBATCH commands or syntax! With ProLE-LE you'll be automating PROLITH quickly, eliminating the time and rework one must invest up front to get ProBATCH or PPI results.

Besides GUI-based script building, you'll get new capabilities to:

  • Link parameters to eliminate undesired combinations (note 1 below)
  • Simulate combinations of up to 136 Zernike terms using PAL's advanced aberration package (& combine terms with Monte Carlo generator)
  • Find dose-to-size and then seamlessly run properly bracketed focus-exposure matrices
  • Quickly sort and categorize focus-exposure results prior to in-depth analysis (uses optional ProDATA license)
  • Automatically build batch job case tables
  • Get multiple metrology cut data from multiple simulation regions and multiple mask files
  • Automate the output of data files for ProDATA or Excel

This is part of a growing line of simulation automation products from PAL that complement and enhance your PROLITH investment. To start getting your simulations done faster, give us a call so we can set up your demo!

More Information

ProLE-LE is powered by the following simulation software
  • The KLA-Tencor / FINLE suite of products (ProDATA™, PROLITH™)
  • PAL-developed job building and management software
  • PAL-developed PROLITH enhancements such as utilities for aberration study & custom input combination matrices

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