Lithography Courses

Petersen Advanced Lithography offers one- to three-day on-site training courses for basic and advanced semiconductor lithography process development. We can also customize courses to meet your specific needs. All courses are taught by John S. Petersen.

In addition to on-site courses, John also teaches in workshops and symposiums that are open to the public; check our course schedule.

Fundamentals of Microlithography

This course is designed for operators and technicians new to imaging concepts. It provides the basics for working in, and understanding, photolithography in a production environment.

Course length: Minimum of two days
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Practical Process Design for Microlithography
This course is designed for engineers, scientists, managers and experienced technicians who are sustaining, improving, or designing lithography processes who want to thoroughly to understand their processes and make them more robust. This is an excellent opportunity to get advice and specific direction on resist processing. Some familiarity with organic chemistry, experimental design and optics is helpful but not required.

Course length: Approximately eight hours
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Extending Semiconductor Lithography Using
Image Process Integration

This course discusses routes to extend optical lithography to the 70 nm technology node using proper selection of masks, mask design including choice of optical proximity correction (OPC), exposure tool, illuminator design, and resist design to do image process integration.

Public sessions of this course are administered by PTI Seminars. Look for "Advanced Lithography" in their course listing or schedule.

Course length: Approximately eight hours
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Custom Training
Courses that meet specific needs of the client are available. Frequently, these are supplements to the standard courses, and provide a workshop environment where acquired knowledge is applied to specific technical issues.

Course length: Minimum of three hours
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