ProLE™ = Programmable Lithography Engine

What is it?
ProLE™ is the Programmable Lithography Engine - a system combining PAL's litho expertise and service with highly distributed computing and the best lithography process simulation software like PROLITH™, so you get accurate design-for-yield (DFY) and lithography simulation answers in days instead of months. The ProLE Workbench includes batch simulation job utilities, simulation engines, data management and analysis tools.

ProLE is currently ready to tackle

  • OPC validation and correction
  • Aberration analysis
  • Defect analysis of inspection data
  • Fast automation of and value-add to other PROLITH simulations

The combination of accurate, proprietary software, and distributed computing gives you

  • Better answers: Millions of simulations vs. hundreds
  • Faster answers: Hours to a decision instead of months

As a ProLE customer you also get PAL engineers and partners working to apply their lithography experience and resources to your problems. They'll help you build, calibrate, and get the most out of detailed software models of actual fab process stages including layout, mask, stepper, resist, develop, and even etch.

Why use ProLE?
ProLE lets you capture the benefits of DFY like

  • Fewer mask/design iterations
  • Fewer wafer costs to achieve yield entitlement
  • Greater product revenue through shorter time to market

ProLE Limited Edition
ProLE-LE™ is the Programmable Lithography Engine "LIMITED EDITION" - a single workstation version of the grid-computing-based workbench software.
This is an introductory product to complement and enhance your PROLITH investment, providing you with benefits from the full workbench system like efficient batching of PROLITH™ simulations and new PAL applications . This product does not run Monte Carlo simulations or exploit multiple processors as does the full ProLE workbench.

More Information

ProLE is powered by the following simulation software
  • The KLA-Tencor / FINLE suite of products (ProDATA™, PROLITH™)
  • PAL-developed grid computing, job building, and management software
  • PAL-developed PROLITH enhancements such as utilities for aberration study, custom input combination matrices, and Monte Carlo / custom probability distribution.

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