Integrated Imaging System

Petersen Advanced Lithography specializes in developing
Integrated Imaging Systems. PAL can help you choose an optical extension path and work with your suppliers to bring it to production.

Using Petersen Advanced Lithography to develop and install an Integrated Imaging System accelerates practical use of optical extension techniques. This time savings can have a huge impact on ROI and make you more competitive.

Developing an Integrated Imaging System has four phases: Factory Assessment, Planning, Implementation, and Support.

Factory assessment. Includes:

  • Objective tool set and resist process audits
  • Mapping of lens and illuminator aberrations
  • Determination of device layout potential for doing optical extension using optical proximity correction and phase-shifting masks.

Planning. PAL prepares an optical extension roadmap for your company built upon the results of the fab assessment. The roadmap describes what could be done using the current toolset, processes, and design layouts; what would be possible with a realistic modification of the toolset, and what will be needed in the future.

Implementation. Roadmap in hand, PAL works with your team and infrastructure to build a multistage plan that culminates in a successful integration of optical enhancement techniques into production.

Support. PAL Support includes monthly process reviews and proactive problem solving. Supplemental R&D services can complement existing resources, helping organizations accelerate their optical extension effort. 

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