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Intelligent simulation by experienced lithographers

PAL can design simulations to test almost every aspect of your lithography process, including

  • Mask illumination
  • Diffraction patterns
  • Resist exposure

To perform complicated simulations, PAL has over 128 state-of-the-art processors and a full complement of simulation software, including

Using multiple simulators allows us to compare and confirm results—giving you the most accurate simulation data available.

We can help you interpret your simulation data, and recommend process changes to improve imaging results.

Custom Software Development
PAL writes custom software to automate repetitive simulation functions, for example to

  • enhance PROLITH™ or Klarity ProDATA™ capability
  • generate parameterized litho masks
  • translate mask file formats between simulation programs and CAD layout (GDS-II format) programs. We use the Linux-based Slam-Edit™ IC layout program for layout and scripting.

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