Petersen Advanced lithography

Petersen Advanced Lithography

Image Design Services

PAL offers a wide variety of image design services to suit your lithographical needs. No matter your problem or applications PAL can tailor solutions to fit your needs through:

Integrated Imaging Systems

PAL will walk you through the image design process.  By accelerating the practical use of optical extension techniques, PAL's integrated Image systems save time, and those time savings allow you to accelerate your learning curves and increase your competitive edge.

OPC Design and Testing

PAL will not only help you determine what types of OPC will work best for your designs, but it will also help you validate OPC solutions for a single process layer or an entire cell. Using high powered lithographic simulators to test mask corrections in a replicated fabrication process, PAL allows you the freedom to see and compensate for hitherto hidden errors.

Lithography Courses

PAL offers one to three day on-site training courses on basic and advanced lithography process development.  All courses are taught by John S. Petersen and can be customized to fit your company's intellectual needs.

Contract Research

PAL can design simulations to test almost every aspect of your lithography process including mask, illumination, diffraction patterns, resist exposure, post-exposure-bake and development.  We will not only do the simulations for you, we will also help you interpret your simulation data and recommend changes to improve your imaging results.

Custom Software Development

PAL has a team of leading software developers that can help you design software geared specifically for your company's applications.  Contact us to discuss your unique project with one of our lithographic software experts.

Custom Mask Design

PAL designs and manufacture customized test masks and reticles.  Properly designed masks by PAL take into account lens and illuminator limitations, mask topography and optical proximity effects.  In addition to providing the software to automatically generate parameterized litho simulation mask files, PAL provides several types of physical test reticles: strong alternating phase-shift masks, including SCAA, weak high transmission attenuated phase-shift masks, and dark-field phase shift masks.

Essentially, we want you to sit back and let us do what we do best so that you can focus on what you do best