Petersen Advanced lithography

Petersen Advanced Lithography

Image Design Factory (IDF)

A combination of distributive-computing and our image designer workbench, Image Design Factory gives you the power to accurately generate massive computational lithography studies with KLA-Tencor's PROLITH™*, then visualize and analyze your results, and finally, with the generated Focus-Exposure Mask summary, see your results and, if desired, pass them onto to third party tools for interactive processing.

IDF gives you the power to examine the data any way you choose.  Use it to compile and organize your results, execute batch experiments using distributed computers, to design, set up, and run massive rigorous litho-simulation experiments, and to trouble shoot experiments in process.  With a simple intuitive graphical interface, IDF is your one stop shop for lithographic computation, and it does it all in a fraction of the time and cost that it takes other lithographic tools.

IDF applications reduce reticle/fab cost and resources to get high yield IC-products to market by:

  • Eliminating learning cycles for optical proximity correction (OPC) development, verification, and tuning of 3rd party applications
  • Extrapolating to new litho process space using rigorous simulation
  • Matching exposure tools by aberrations, pupil trasmission or source shape
  • Using computational lithography, design for manufacturing and design for yield
  • Generating knowledge to train upstream tools
  • Determining image process robustness and yield
  • Maximizing bin yield potential by understanding sources of variation and minimizing their impact

LithoPOWER™ suite of products and PAL's close authorized relationship with PROLITH makes getting the power of IDF a reasonable solution for your lithographic needs, whether you're a giant or a small business with giant aspirations, PAL's IDF can work for you in four different ways.

  • PROLITH Solution Services allows you send us the problems and our lithographers will run them for you.
  • Image Design Factory Utility computing solutions provides you with cost effective on-demand secure access to PAL's IDF bringing super computing power right into the office without all the heat
  • Image Design Factory traditional software leasing options as well as unique metered usage
  • Image Design Factory System delivers a complete software hardware turnkey solution

Applications: - Source Design and matching - OPC Optimization and Training - Aberration analysis - Image primitive design - Mask defect printing review - Across-pitch process development - Systematic Defect sensitivity analysis

*Via the LithoPOWER™ suite of products and services, PAL is a value-added-reseller of PROLITH and Automatic ProDATA offering the use of these and our powerhouse APIs in the integrated IDF distributive computing environment.