Petersen Advanced lithography

Petersen Advanced Lithography

EMF3 - Full Maxwell Field Equation Solver

EMF3 Has Arrived: Fast, accurate, and mathematically stable, EMF3 is absolutely the best in its class.  It is a no compromise full Maxwell’s equation solver necessary for solving advanced photomask problems capable of solving large Cell problems of 1000 nm or more. It easily handles complex material stacks and off-axis illumination quickly and accurately, and all of these attributes combine to make a real world problem-solving program that does not rely on periodic boundary conditions.  Sleek, innovative, easy to use all the while being capable of single CPU and SMP use and distributive computing compliant (Window and Linux).

Illustration of the difference in precision of EMF3

Current EMF solvers may be able to do the job, but EMF3 can do it better. Where solving large areas with high resolution is practically impossible with current tools, EMF3 intuitively and easily solves problems.  Key to EMF3's stunning success at complex real world problems is its ability to address imaging 3D reticle features at the wavelength and below to accurately account for extreme diffraction (Type 1 encoding error) and scattering and polarization (Type 2 ecoding errors).  Not only does it account for these effects it helps engineers solve beyond them.

EMF3 allows problem solving driven by the actuality of the PROBLEMS rather than, as it is with other products, on the limitations of the software that is used to solve them.

Applications - Photo Mask Simulation - OPC Meta-model Generation - Alignment Target Optimization - Yours!