Petersen Advanced lithography

Petersen Advanced Lithography


2006 Technology Innovation Showcase (TIS) Winner

PAL is one of the 32 jury selected winners of the 2006 Technology Innovation Showcase.

PAL Featured in the EE Times!

"Austin, Texas - Petersen Advanced Lithography (PAL) here is tackling mask-imaging problems that must be solved if optical lithography is to be extended to the 65-nanometer node and beyond..."

ClearCube Success Story

"Petersen Advanced Lithography Inc. provides solutions for the semiconductor industry's design-for-yield market, helping semi-conductor IDMs and fabless companies speed products to market with lower development costs, while maximizing revenue potential."

MICRO Magazine May 2003 Lead Story: Litho simulation start-up wants to keep chip industry on right track

Interview by MICRO Magazine of John Petersen.

SEMI Lithography Review newsletter announces ProLE*

>Griff Resor's May 2002 newsletter describing PAL's Programmable Lithography Engine (ProLE™).

ProLE description here.

Note: "Lithography Review" is referenced with permission from Griff Resor, copyright 2002, all rights reserved. We encourage you to subscribe to the newsletter (SE 373) by visiting SEMI here. You can also see the final page in the May newsletter for more details.

Sidewall Chrome Alternating Aperture (SCAA) Test Mask now available from PAL and Benchmark Technology.

This new test mask is an excellent tool for evaluating subwavelength image processing with minimal pitch dependent phase error.

* Note that "proLE™" is now part of the Image Design Factory (IDF).