Petersen Advanced lithography

Petersen Advanced Lithography

Tomorrow's Devices Today Using Optical Extension: Petersen Advanced Lithography

Petersen Advanced Lithography, Inc. provides the foundation and the tools for the semiconductor industry's ongoing move from conventional optical lithography to optical enhancement techniques.  With Image Design Factory, the most powerful, rigorous computational lithography tool in the world, and EMF3, the fastest and most accurate full Maxwell solver, Petersen Advanced Lithography delivers a dream team for the next wave of technological innovation.

At PAL, we believe in our products, and we believe in our customers' applications.   Our newest software and hardware packages can save production time and expenses by decreasing margins of error, increasing productivity, and enhancing your output by expanding your computational capabilities. With our products, the sky is the limit on real world problem solving.

Forget periodicity. Forget what you thought you knew about lithography.   Open up the power of EMF3 and IDF and Petersen Advanced Lithography.